VI.BE.MAC, the leading company in the industrial sewing machine area, was born in 1980 as a Singer support center but since the very beginning started to produce machines and accessories under its own brand.

Thanks to what at a first sight seemed a risky challenge, but later turned to be a winning choice, the company founder, Carlo Guerreschi, chose for his machines a certain part of the market, denim jeans market, sensing the potential of this sector that in the 70’s was under development and has boomed today: solid experience, almost for three decades, proves that his intuition was correct.

The aim of VI.BE.MAC was and still is precisely this: to create individual pieces for satisfaction of textile producers' needs, from the smallest to a bigger company. Today the aim has been achieved thanks to production of complex sewing machines based on the actual technological platforms: original, diverse and user-friendly. During these 30 years, even with the client needs changed, the company maintains its values: quality, know-how and fast and effective service.

VI.BE.MAC's headquarter is in Verona (Italy), where 45 people are working and follow the entire production line of the automatic units by projecting their design, developing and realising them.

The Guerreschi family, the VI.BE.MAC's owners, has always thought that keeping the production in Italy and renuncing to a profitable delocalization to a country with lower costs would mean to maintain the high quality of product, better client support and make constant contribution to the economic and social development of the local territory.





Forward-looking innovation is VI.BE.MAC.'s motto.

Carlo Guerreschi and his team of technicians make sure that knowledge and know-how evolve daily thanks to new hi-tech solutions at hand in order to satisfy this demanding and continuously evolving market.

Abroad, this solid knowledge is well represented by a young and dynamic commercial team that with its constant and precise presence provide assistance that makes priority of their clients. The after-sale service is important for clients' loyalty by providing fast and efficient service guaranteed by the sales network in more than 55 countries and by direct involvement of the technical department in satisfying any request in less than 24 hours.

VI.BE.MAC. weds the pioneer principles of innovation and product quality. Technological development does not aim only at selling the products but also at the idea behind production line and working methods: this is the only explanation for vertical automatisized shelves for stocking and supplying parts, as well as the automatic platforms with numeric control (CNC) for working with mechanical parts and sewing heads.

This is what permits to VI.BE.MAC. to satisfy any request of spare parts within 24 hours and the high service level for all its customers.


VI.BE.MAC.'s automatic units has some important features, such as:

- high and time-constant quality;

- high hourly production;

- flexibility;

- reduction of workers' number;

- low management cost


Some inventions of Carlo Guerreschi have been patented and successfully applied to VI.BE.MAC.'s machines, for example:

- system of fabric transportation (currently used application)

- system of dynamic control of pressure (DCP), developed and assembled on the untis with reverse arm

- pocket setter machine (a guarantee of beneficial production costs)

- the first automatic belt loop setter on the market

- Double Color Technology (DCT) developed for pocket setter machines that apply label & embroidery

We like to think of our company as modus vivendi: behind each screw and each needle there is  knowledgeble experience of the Guerreschi family that together with their working team has built a big family and as a big family they look forward in the future.

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