Thank you for your visit to: 8th International Apparel Technology Trade Fair in Dhaka

The International Apparel Machinery Trade Show “Zak Garmentech 2009 Bangladesh”, an international trade show on apparel machinery technology is being organized from January 13-16, 2009 at the BCFCC, Dhaka.

Vi.Be.Mac. had 2 booths, respectively with its distributors, Aamra-Texas and Eastman, exhibiting 5 of its automatic sewing machines, considered key units in an industrial production line.
After 30 years of experience, together with machinery, we offer to our estimeed customers our know-how: how to set up a production line, how to reduce the number of employees and the man-hours, how to increase the efficiency in the production line (save space and time).
Vibemac not only displayed its units, because an important trade fair like this it's an openn window on the end users needs.
"Readymade Garments (RMG) sector is an important sector of four countries earning the precious foreign exchange besides providing employement to a large number of people especially women. Trade fairs like this play an important role in improving the quality and productivity by showcasing a wide range of machinery and technology", Muhammed Faruk Khan, Ministry of Commerce Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

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