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The 1010V4F1 (double color) or the 1010V4F1M (single color) are two automatic programmable units which carry out “J” seam on the front fly panel, on jeans, casual trousers and workwear. The machines permit to create a customized “J” pattern with the maximum freedom of style, satisfying any fashion request, with no cost in terms of extra jigs. The automatic fly piece unit 1010V4F1 can achieve an incredible production rate, with no need of skilled operator.

Automatic fly piece

AVAILABLE WITH DCT (Double colouR technology) PATENTED

1010V4F1 with a unique sewing head with the maximum level of flexibility in terms of style and design, it allows to stitch with 2 threads of 2 different colors / thickness in one single sewing cycle

Double loading claMp

Highest level of quality and precision also for pre-attached patches on the front panel

Air suction system

Air system on the loading table for a fast and well assisted fabric positioning with granted quality output

J – Stitch


Sewing Head: Mitsubishi PLK-G10 MAXI Vi.Be.Mac.
Max Sewing Speed: 2800 rpm (single needle version) / 2500 rpm (double needle version)
Max Sewing Area: 258 X 158 mm
Clamp Sewing Area: 245 X 145 mm
Stitching Length: from 0.1 to 20 mm (0.1 Step)
Power Supply Voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz
Sewing Machine Motor: Ac Servomotor Mitsubishi 750w (Direct Drive)
Control Box: Mitsubishi PLKGCU20
Air Consumption: 20 L/min


  • Perfect match between fly-piece and front left panel
  • Incredible production rate, with no need of any skilled operator or helper
  • Widest sewing area in the market (245 x 145 mm)
  • Cheapest moulds worldwide (local made in 5 continents)
  • Sewing patterns supplied by Vi.Be.Mac. through email in maximum one working day
  • Possiblity to upload the program directly on the machine’s control box thanks to the USB flash memory device
  • Touch screen for easy and fast programming


  • Time required to change clamps / moulds: 3 min
  • Easy design program

The accessories described here may not be included in the price of the machine. Please refer to the commercial documents for information on prices and conditions.