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Vi.Be.Mac. unit B2501 is the S-line automatic denim back pocket setting unit. Thanks to a large sewing range, can be adapted to various styles and sizes of pockets. Pocket, back pocket, can be automatically folded at one time without the need of ironing. Fast and efficient sewing and beautiful stitches can be ensured. It only takes 5 minutes to replace a full set of pocket jigs, which greatly saves time. The panel assures easy and fast programmation, besides testing functions and problems diagnostics.

fully aitomatic back pocket setter

Spider plate system

Flexible solution for inner clamp of the pocket jig set, being able to work on different sizes and assuring necessary stability of the fabric

b2501 s-line digital panel

Digital panel

With a fast and simple programmation to easily create and modify any pattern

Linear motor transport

Brushless motors assuring the highest level of speed and efficiency along with stability and precision


  • Easy-to-operate touch panel: through it the operator can easily create and modify any pattern
  • High-speed and stable multi-motor synchronous sewing technology: it allows high assurance of success
  • Multiple testing functions such as input and output tests which is convenient for customers to find problems
  • Application range: performing on various types of fabric
  • Patten data in memory: 999 pattern data in internal memory
  • Redundancy device
  • Thread breakage sensor
  • Suction device
  • Automatic stacker

Sewing head


Max sewing unit speed

2800 rpm

Sewing area

280 x 250 mm

Max pocket size

230 x 230 mm

Min pocket size

80 x 80 mm

Stitch length

0.1 – 20 mm (0.1 Step)

Time to change the jig

5 min

Sewing machine motor

AC servo motor 750W (direct drive system)

Power requirement

220V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz

Air consumption

15 L/min

The accessories described here may not be included in the price of the machine. Please refer to the commercial documents for information on prices and conditions.