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The bottom hemming unit S3022BHE represents the market solution to trouser hemline problems: accurate, productive and characterised by the flexibility that has become the hallmark of all Vi.Be.Mac. products. Adjustable folder, front and reverse, with a high standard efficiency, especially in terms of flexibility thanks to the fast conversion kit able to change the configuration of the bottom hemming unit S3022BHE from chain stitch to lockstitch and vice-versa in approx 25 minutes.
With a large capacity hook, the smallest cylinder arm and the Vi.Be.Mac. puller the quality output result is assured on a wide variety of fabric type and thickness, also on the most challenging denim stretch fabrics.

bottom hemming unit
3022bhe fast conversion

Quick change CS / LS

Pre-assembled kit for very fast change of sewing type, assuring the best in terms of flexibility and time saving.

Electronic stitch length

It can be set up easily with the electronic panel, for the maximum flexibility and operator’s comfort.

Double capacity bobbin

Thanks to the double capacity bobbin the downtimes are drastically reduced and productivity increased


  • Safety chain condensed stitch, conversion kit, standard and reverse folder
  • Two needle plates with thread trimmer: for chain stitch and lockstitch
  • Change from light to heavy fabrics: made without any alteration to mechanical components or electronic adjustments
  • Thread-cutting system handled by the XCG MFY 2005 panel
  • Pneumatic system for the toggle-joint opening of the guide: it can be selected by the operator in two different modes, manual or automatic, with the foot lifting at the same time
  • Pneumatic foot lift lubrication system
  • Quick change of stitch length: less then one minute
  • New design of the stand: easy adjustment in height


  • Increased hem width: 42 mm

Max sewing unit speed

4000 rpm CS, 3500 rpm LS

Stitching length

from 0.9 to 9 mm

Hem width

from 9 to 30 mm

Sewing head

Vi.Be.Mac. 3 needle CS

Power requirement

220V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz

Sewing machine motor

Mitsubishi XCG 554 20Y – 550W

Control box

XCG MFY 2005

Air consumption

2 L/min

The accessories described here may not be included in the price of the machine. Please refer to the commercial documents for information on prices and conditions.