Our History

Since 1980 leader in sewing machine specialized in jeans


Our company history of 44 fabulous years of groundbreaking R&D, of continuous improvement, of amazing partnerships, of strategic alliances, of trust, reliability and performance.

44 years of Vi.Be.Mac.

Our Company History

Since 1980 leader in sewing machine specialized in jeans

Our history - Since 1980

VI.BE.MAC is the leading company in the sector of industrial sewing machines, specializing in jeans and denim.

A bit of our company history. ViBeMac  was born in 1980 as a Singer service center but from the beginning, it started producing machines and accessories under its brand.

Thanks to what at first glance seemed a risky challenge, but then turned out to be a winning one, the founder of the company, Carlo Guerreschi, has chosen a specific market niche for his machines, denim jeans, sensing the potential of this sector that in the 1970s it was under development and subsequently boomed, becoming a staple of fashion till today. After more than 40 years, it can be said that the intuition was correct.

History of vibemac

The founder Carlo Guerreschi


VI.BE.MAC’s goal is to create unique and highly innovative solutions to meet the needs of clothing manufacturers, from the smallest to the largest company.

The goal is achieved thanks to the production of innovative sewing machines based on current technological platforms: original, flexible, and easy to use. During these 40 years, even with the constant change of customer needs, the company maintains its values: quality, know-how, and fast and effective service.

The VI.BE.MAC headquarters is in Verona (Italy), where 60 people work who follow the entire production line of the automatic units from design to manufacture.


where we start

1988 – Stefano Venturi 

experience and perseverance

2021 – Stefano Venturi

In 2018 the company became part of the Jack sewing China group, a group of multinational leading companies listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opening a production plant also in China for new product lines, to be able to offer its customers more solutions.
Now Vibemac can offer three different product lines specifically developed for Jeans manufacturing.
V Line is the world-famous series of automatic machines with the highest levels of technology and quality, it’s developed and handcrafted in Verona, Italy since 1980.
The S line made up of automatic machines with different proposals for all market segments manufactured in the brand new facility of Vibemac Zhejiang, China and the B line, the first line of basic Vibemac machines, to finally be able to offer its customers a complete sewing solution, developed in Vibemac Italy and manufactured in Vibemac Zhejiang, China.

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