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Vi.Be.Mac. OVER5 (BO5), with five thread, is a new and powerful overlock designed for heavy fabric: double guide for needle bar. The BO5 comes standard with a front and rear  pneumatic suction device that greatly improves the cleanliness of the machine and workspace.

overlock unit
over5 double support needle bar

Double support needle bar

Double support on the needle bar to perform at max speed with the highest quality on heavy fabrics

Extra presser foot Automatic pneumatic system for foot lifter and thread cutter

Over5, five thread, it grants the workability on the heaviest denim fabrics and treads’ sizes

Intelligent fabric recognition system

3 different settings with a photocell granting the max comfort to the operator and styles’ flexiblity


  • Direct drive AC servo motor: power saving and less vibrations
  • Intelligent fabric recognition system: higher productivity with a better handling for operators
  • Automatic pneumatic foot lifter: better handling and efficiency for operators work
  • Automatic pneumatic thread cutter: perfect solution for heavy fabrics and threads
  • Full automatic/semi automatic/manual operation modes
  • Double support needle bar: double support on the needle bar to perform at max speed with the highest quality on heavy fabrics
  • Differential feed: high quality sewing
  • Speed 6000 rpm: high productivity
  • 5 threads
  • Ten language menu: operator and tech friendly
  • Integrated adjustable led: to improve operators comfort
  • Pneumatic suction device included: keep the unit always clear, less maintenance required
  • Complete with strong table and stand: high quality manufacturing
  • Needle bar specifically made for denim

Max Speed

7000 rpm

Max Stitch Lenght

5 mm

Sewing Width

5 x 6 mm

Differential Ratio

0.8 – 15

Presser Foot Stroke

7 mm

Needle Type

DCx27 19#

Needle Quantity


Needle Distance

5 mm


525 x 360 x 640 mm

Weight Net/Gross

33/44 kg

The accessories described here may not be included in the price of the machine. Please refer to the commercial documents for information on prices and conditions.