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S2210VF1 (single needle) is an automatic programmable unit which carries out “J” seam on the front fly panel, on jeans, casual trousers and workwear, to create double parallel stitches or non-parallel stitches.
This machine permits to create a customized “J” pattern with the maximum freedom of styles, satisfying any fashion request, with no cost in terms of extra jigs. It can be trasformed for operations like back pocket embroidery, sewing darts and pleats, run flap stitch, simply by purchasing the necessary parts.
S2210VF1 can achieve an incredible production rate, with no need of skilled operator, it also allows operator to place next garment while machine is still in stitching. J seam.

automatic fly piece unit

Fashion flexibility

Thanks to a fast change device the unit can work on right or left side using the same mold.

High precision

Vacuum system for fly positioning & holding during loading, no need of marking point and human control.


  • 8″ touch screen panel
  • One jig for both left and right stitch
  • Left and right fly fast change device (one key to change)
  • Single needle lockstitch, programmable bartacks, auto-trimmer
  • Automatic stacker
  • Automatic fabric loading, ensure accurate feeding
  • Fabric vacuum absorption to ensure accurate positioning
  • Automatic stacker, neat fabric
Sewing Head

Vi.Be.Mac. 2210

Max Sewing Area

220 X 110 mm

Max Speed (2 Needles)

2700 rpm

Stitching Length

0.05 – 12.7 mm

Fly Width

26 – 46 mm (standard)

Clamp/Moulds Change

within one minute

Power Requirement

220 V 50/60 Hz

Air Consumption

10 L/min

The accessories described here may not be included in the price of the machine. Please refer to the commercial documents for information on prices and conditions.