ViBeMac solutions made in ViBeMac Zhejang facility with a capex-centric approach,

to cover all the tiers of the market.

After 40 years of a successful story, we decided it was time for a change by increasing our proposal for a sewing solution. Thanks to the new entry of Vibemac in a multinational group of sewing technologies, we have been able to invest in a new factory in China, a new company, Vibemac Zhejiang.
It took more than 2 years to plan, train, organize and everything necessary to create a new plant and we are finally ready to introduce a new series of automatic solutions, with new proposals.
The Silver Line is not only a convenient solution but a new proposal, with advantages in terms of costs, flexibility, proximity to certain markets. We could have done this under a different brand, or through third-party companies, but we wanted to have some of those Vibemac traits in it. Vibemac Zhejiang is now fully operative under the supervision of Vibemac Italy.
This great expansion of our products range was made to offer more choice and flexibility in terms of investments to our customers, having a solution for every need.


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